Woman’s terror after re-watching home video to find dark figure at the end of her bed

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A heavily pregnant woman was left lost for words when she re-watched a clip on her phone to find an ghost -like figure crawling up by her bed.

Reddit user “Malakai James” posted the video on the forum and explained that his younger sister has been spending a week alone with a kitten and a dog in the house.

The clip was taken from inside the bedroom where Malakai’s pregnant sister was resting on the bed.

He explained that she was trying to film the baby movement and accidentally heard the cat meowing in the background.

Nothing appears out of the ordinary for most of the clip, with a kitten being heard meowing from outside the room.

Malakai’s sister was recording her baby movement and heard her cat meowing from outside the room

But right at the end, an eerie, dark shadow appears to crawl out from behind the door and emerge from below the bed.

The footage cuts when the figure is about to reveal itself.

Malakai wrote on Reddit: “This is a video my pregnant little sister took originally because the baby was moving and she initially thought her kitty was crying because his companion had just had to be put down.”

They rewatched the clip to find a dark round-headed figure emerging at the end of the bed behind the door
They rewatched the clip to find a dark round-headed figure emerging at the end of the bed behind the door

He also commented that both he and his sister did not realise the odd figure until they rewatched the clip.

Most of the viewers shared the same thoughts as they were “too focused” on listening to the feline’s sound.

One said: “I didn’t notice the head popping up at the end of the video the first time I watched this, what the hell is that??”

A second added: “I didn’t notice it at first, but now that I have, I wish I hadn’t. That’s creepy as hell.”

Others wondered if Malakai’s sister was doing alright while staying home by herself.

He replied: “She’s fine, thanks for asking. She was only there for a week and said the whole time the house felt heavy and like someone was watching her.”

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